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Specialist Close Protection Operations and Training, UCP Thailand is a branch of the “UCP Group”. A Brand name known for its quality and assurance. UCP Group is by far “the” Close Protection Specialist in the UK, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Americas, and Asia. 

If you are looking to train and work to become a Close Protection Operative (CPO) in the security industry, then look no further. UCP Thailand can guarantee you the highest quality of training ranging from handling firearms, medical response, skilled tactical driving, and mastering protection techniques and formations used by the largest security firms in the world.

As a certified British SIA SFJ® and ProQual® training center, UCP Thailand offers real awards, certifications, and accredited academy training grounds for you to perform in the operating theatre.


Train and work to become a Close Protection Operative (CPO) in the security industry.


Change your life by embracing a new career in the security field


Medical Courses

Train with us and enhance your medical skills and knowledge through a range of accredited and recognized training courses such as our Tactical Combat Casualty Care.


Close Protection Courses

Become a certified Close Protection Operative. We are a certified and approved UK SFJ® training center. Get certified with us and apply for the British SIA license.


Tactical Firearms Courses

Practice and develop your firearms skills (9mm / 5.56mm / 7.62mm) with an international award Proqual that few if any other CP industry courses offer to students.

"UCP Close Protection Thailand - Excellence Through Education."

UCP Group is a specialist training provider experienced in the wider close protection training arena delivering programs to internationally recognized and responsible Governments, individuals, and security companies. UCP use their acclaimed and mentoring programs to deliver the ultimate brand of bodyguard, close protection team, military unit, government security.

UCP Group offers a comprehensive range of courses and programs tailored to suit individuals, private Units, government military, and national requirements.  UCP has already gained the advantage of being the first company to deliver the Close Protection (SIA) standard in Europe in 2009 and has now set the standard for firearms training. Participants will be assessed against the UCP, SFJ and ProQual endorsed method of training (the only international close protection and firearms accreditation awards in South East of Asia). Metrics are used to assess individual competence and the SFJ and ProQual endorsement means that you can prove competency and progress through assessment.

Our instructors are “subject matter experts” all from Military backgrounds (British, French, American Army).

Total Mission

Students Trained




Close Protection Level 3 Award and the Firearms Level 4

Our course packages

24-Day Advanced CPO

14-Day CPO



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